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Welcome! Our research group is based in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University. We are primarily an experimental group focused on solving problems associated with the conversion of energy from light into electricity and chemical fuels. We work with groups in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Physics to solve multidisciplinary materials-related problems and answer basic scientific questions. If you are interested in joining our research team please refer to the contact page for further information.  


  • 6.17.2015 - Rod, Ling, and Henry present posters at the 75th Physical Electronics Conference at Rutgers.

  • 4.08.2015 - Hannah presents a poster at the David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium.  

  • 4.07.2015 - Prof. Strandwitz gives a talk at the MRS Spring meeting in San Francisco (last one at this location for a while!)

  • 2.01.2015 - Ling and Morgan's paper accepted into Applied Physics Letters available here!

  • 12.04.2014 - Prof. Strandwitz and Hannah present at the Fall MRS conference is Boston. 

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